Controlling The Pain In Your Back

A Chiropractor Takes A Whole-Body Approach To Treating Your Neck Pain

Neck pain has several causes. You might know why your neck hurts if the pain started after you fell or were in a car accident. However, you may not know why your neck bothers you, and in that case, you should see a chiropractor to uncover the cause. Here's how a chiropractor might approach your neck pain to provide the best treatment.

Perform Tests

Whether you were in an accident or not, the chiropractor might want to do tests such as a CT scan to look for the cause of your pain. This information is needed to determine if chiropractic treatments can help and the type of treatments that may be needed.

Provide Pain Relief

If you're in a lot of pain, your immediate goal may be pain relief. Your chiropractor might try massages to loosen tight muscles. They might also consider medical treatments such as ultrasound therapy or electrical stimulation to reduce pain so you can begin other treatments without too much delay.

Do Spinal Adjustments

If your neck pain is caused by a spinal misalignment, the chiropractor might adjust your back using forceful thrusts or gentle movements that move your spine back to a normal position.

Teach Muscle-Strengthening Exercises

When your chiropractor evaluates your neck pain, they do a whole-body examination that includes examining your back and posture. Treatments that align the spine may not be as effective if your muscles are out of balance too.

If your neck pain is caused by weak muscles, doing the right exercises might help. When your neck is in the proper position due to balanced muscles, it can heal, and you'll be at a lower risk of neck problems in the future.

Perform Neck Adjustments

Your chiropractor can adjust your neck in a similar manner as adjusting your spine. They take your level of pain into account, and they may provide gentle movements to align the joints in your neck.

Release Neck Tension

If the muscles in your neck are tight, or if you have adhesions from an old injury, the chiropractor might need to release your tissues with trigger point therapy. This involves pressing on a painful area until the adhesion or muscle spasm releases tension.

Stretch Your Muscles

Stretching the muscles in your neck could help reduce pain and make your neck less vulnerable to future injury. The chiropractor might stretch your neck and hold it in the stretched position. They may also show you stretches to do at home while your healing is underway.

When you have neck pain, the problem could be in a joint, muscle, or other body tissue. The problem might even be in your spine and referred to your neck. The chiropractor uses treatments aimed at helping your entire body heal and come into alignment rather than just focus on your neck, but your neck should also benefit with reduced or relieved pain. To learn more, contact someone like Eric Schmetterling DC.