Controlling The Pain In Your Back

4 Tips for Your First Chiropractor Visit

Chiropractors provide pain relief for those suffering from chronic back pain, headaches, and other ailments without the use of medication or surgery, usually through manual manipulation of the spine. Because chiropractic is an area of alternative, holistic medicine, appointments may be a bit different than what patients are used to when they visit a more traditional doctor's office. In order to ensure you know what to expect and to make the most of your first visit, just follow these four tips:

Wear Comfortable Clothes

If you receive a chiropractic adjustment at your first appointment, you will definitely want to be wearing comfortable clothing. Keep in mind when deciding what to wear that if you receive an adjustment you will be lying on a table (similar to a massage table) while your chiropractor manipulates your spine. In order to remain comfortable and better facilitate the adjustment, loose-fitting, comfortable exercise clothing (like a baggy tee shirt and running shorts or sweatpants) is ideal.

Be Prepared to Describe Your Condition and Overall Health

Just like a regular doctor's appointment, your chiropractic appointment will likely begin with basic paperwork and then a discussion with your chiropractor. They will want to know about your overall health as well as the specific concerns that brought you to the chiropractor. If you are nervous about your appointment, you may want to jot down a few notes and bring them with you. After paperwork and the initial conversation, your chiropractor will perform a medical exam and possibly run x-rays, depending on your specific medical concern.

Plan to Make a Few Lifestyle Changes

Chiropractic care is part of holistic medicine, which emphasizes the importance of overall physical and emotional health. Your chiropractor may make suggestions regarding your diet, exercise habits, and stress coping mechanisms, which are designed to complement the chiropractic treatment and help facilitate results.

You May Receive a Chiropractic Adjustment

After your exam and consultation, you will most likely be given the option to begin treatment (including an adjustment) immediately. If you opt in to the chiropractic adjustment, expect to lay on your stomach while your doctor manipulates your spine to get everything into proper alignment. This should not be painful, but you may hear popping noises as your joints go back into correct alignment. In some cases, your chiropractic treatment will include therapeutic massage. Many patients experience pain relief right away after their first treatment.

By following these tips, you will make the most of your first chiropractor visit and soon enjoy relief from your pain.