Controlling The Pain In Your Back

Don't Let Back Pain Dampen Your Summer

With summer nearly here, you'll soon be headed outdoors for work and play. While you'll take care to lather on the sunscreen and bug repellent, you might neglect taking steps to avoid something that can be just as problematic as sunburn and bug bites -- injuring your back. Summer's no time to be laid up in bed or seeing a doctor like Healing Center The dealing with pain. A chiropractic visit can help alleviate the issue, but being proactive is the best approach. Whether you're working hard in the yard, kicking back at the cottage or taking a road trip, here are some tips to prevent back injuries.

In the Garden

Don't let beautifying your yard come at the expense of a back injury. While it's common sense to exercise caution by using your legs to lift heavy planters, bags of earth and watering cans, you should also avoid spending too long in the same position; for example, if you're kneeling to weed the garden, get up every 15 or 20 minutes and take a short walk around the yard to stretch your back. Instead of tending to potted plants or sorting seeds on the ground, place everything on an outdoor table that you can comfortably reach from a standing position. Finally, make sure your tools are the appropriate length. Using a rake or shovel that's too short can cause you to bend forward excessively, leading to back pain.

At the Cottage

Few places represent rest and relaxation better than the cottage, but unless you want to spend your vacation lying in bed, exercise caution in your day-to-day activities. When sitting around the campfire, opt for a sturdy-back chair over a soft, comfy one. Prolonged sitting in the latter style of chair can potentially cause a herniation of a disc in your back. Take care chopping firewood by ensuring that your chopping surface is high enough that you're bending too far forward. Avoid spending too long in your canoe or kayak, as doing so can lead to back pain.

On the Road

When you're getting ready to hit the open road, don't forget to think about comfort in your car. If your seats aren't overly comfortable, they can wreak havoc on your back over long stretches. Buy an ergonomic back pad or, at minimum, place a folded towel between the seat and your lower back. Even if you're determined to reach your destination quickly, do your back a favor by stopping every couple hours and spending a few minutes standing, walking and stretching.