Controlling The Pain In Your Back

4 Office Modifications That Can Help With Lower Back Pain

If you work in an office for more than a few hours a day, you're likely to eventually encounter some element of lower back pain. Lower back pain may range in intensity depending on how long you're in the office, but it will usually get worse over time. To ensure the health of your back and your own personal comfort, you need to take steps to reduce any pain as early as possible. 

1. Purchase a Foot Stool

To reduce the strain on your back, your thighs should extend straight out and your heels should be firmly pressed against the ground. For many people — especially men and women who are either shorter or taller than usual — this is difficult to achieve while still being able to comfortably type. An adjustable foot stool will help you achieve the proper angle. 

2. Get a Chair With Lower Back Adjustment

You might think you already have an adjustable chair, but it's likely you don't — especially if your chair was less than a few hundred dollars. The area of your chair that supports your lower back is the area that is closest to the actual seat. A chair with lower back support and adjustment will have a knob placed at the back that will push this area in and out. Ideally, your chair should have multiple back adjustments to provide the best support.

3. An Adjustable Monitor

Many people hunch over at their desk because their monitor isn't high enough. With an adjustable monitor, you can lift it up so it's more easily viewed. You can also tilt it downward if you're stretching your neck to see. If you don't want to invest in a new monitor, you can instead purchase a monitor stand. 

4. Ditch the Chair Entirely

Sometimes back pain is actually due to a lack of core strength. Many people find that ditching their chairs can help. Some purchase standing desks which can be raised up so that they can stand while working. Others use an exercise ball, which requires you to balance as you type, instead of a chair. Either way, the ultimate goal is to reduce back pain and make your core muscles stronger.

If you have persistent lower back pain, it may be time to see a chiropractor. Chiropractic professionals like Dr Rick J Jaminet PC can take a look at your spine and make sure it is in alignment. If your spinal column is not in alignment, you could be doing permanent damage to your back.