Controlling The Pain In Your Back

3 Chiropractic Supplies You Should Know About As A Patient

If you are looking to relieve some of the aches and pains that come along with life, there is no doubt the chiropractor is the place you should go for help. Some people go to the chiropractor monthly for adjustments and treatment and are very familiar with the tools they may encounter while at the office. However, if you have never been to the chiropractor, there are some thing you might see while you are there that make you quite curious. Here are a few of the most common chiropractic supplies you should expect to see.

Low-Thrust Adjusting Tool

If you see the chiropractor grab something from his cabinet or desk that looks something like a small bicycle pump, don't worry, this is not used to pump air into your joints. What you see is a low-thrust adjustment tool that is often used on small joints of the spine. The tool has various rubber tips in different sizes that can conform to small vertebrates. The tool uses a compression action to deliver a slight thrust to these joints in a fast and safe manner.

Pregnancy Accommodation Table Cushion

Special patients will call for specialized materials and if your are expecting, there is no way you can lay belly-down on the adjustment table. If you do visit the chiropractor while you are pregnant, do not be shocked to see a pregnancy accommodation table cushion in place. This is hard to miss with a cut out for a growing belly and breasts, and will make all the difference in the world as to how comfortable you are during your appointment.

Spinal Assessment Inclinometer

Before the chiropractor will begin working on you and making necessary adjustments, he will first evaluate your range of motion and spinal health. This will include using an assortment of tools that are designed specifically for measuring ranges in motion of the human body. One of the more common will be the spinal assessment inclinometer, which is designed to check the radial and side-to-side range of motion of the lower back. With a circular center and outreaching arms on either side, you may be a little concerned when you see this chiropractor tool come out, but this is only a tool for measurement.

When you know a little more about the chiropractic supplies and tools you may see at your visit, it will be much more easy for you to feel comfortable while you are there. Some of these supplies may look strange, or even downright alarming, but all of them serve a valuable purpose you will appreciate.